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Miri Badger

Window <ikkuna> Artist Book

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Limited edition artist book, printed in Meanjin/Brisbane by Printcraft.

Soft cover edition 240 x 320 mm, Portrait.


by Miri Badger

I spent 2012 in Turku, Finland. After 10 years, in August 2022, I found myself there again as an artist in residence at Fiskars Village. Circling back, I became interested in the way recollections of place and experience mutate over time, in particular the rewiring of my memories from 10 years ago. I began sketching ambiguous landscapes flicking past on a train, visions of obscured windows and figures travelling through brutalist landscapes. Through this practice I aimed to reconcile my memories of place, revising and updating my perspective. This culminated in the series of paintings, poems, journal entries and watercolour drawings on handmade paper, made over a month-long residency.

Over the past few months have collaborated with Marilena Hewitt to create an artist book. Pooling together the poetry, journal excerpts and artworks from this series. Creating a dialogue between written and painted work in an attempt to extend the research begun during my 2022 Finland residency.

Thank you to Seljak Brand, Outerspace, Printroom Editions, Printcraft and Marilena Hewitt of Spreads for making this project possible.

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