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Miri Badger

2020 - Exhibited at La Boite Theatre Forecourt

Amin Afravi

'Longer Tables, Not Higher Fences' is a collaborative project between those currently held in indefinite detention for seeking asylum, and local Meanjin/Brisbane artists. This work pictured was created by Amin Afravi and I and is part of a large installation facilitated by Refugee Solidarity Meanjin Arts Collective. 

Amin Afravi has worked installing suspended ceilings, as a plumber, a carpenter, electrician and mechanic. He believes that life is about helping people to do the best we can as human beings. He came here from Ahwaz and has been locked up in detention for more than 7 years.

The culmination of works in 'Longer Tables, Not Higher Fences' aim to critique the current political climate which normalises the violation of human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.
The work will feature accompanying activations onsite at La Boite Theatre's forecourt.

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